Rizitek – An Overview

We REBUILDRECONMAINTAIN Machines. We are team Rizitek.


RIPL is primarily a product support company catering to the after sales service need of mining and construction equipment. The company is managed and guided by HEMM industry veteran having experience of more than 30 years. Maintenance Service is process driven and value added by using the knowledge of global best practices in maintenance to reduce cost of maintenance and increasing productivity. Maintenance Metrics are assessed for Process Performance and KPIs are used to evaluate areas of improvement. To reduce Cost-per-Ton is the motto of RIPL’s service delivery. Highly skilled, disciplined and dedicated workforce is the strength of RIPL which supports the organisational growth over the years.

RIPL is continuously endeavouring to provide convenience to customers and trying to create a One-Stop-Shop product support solution to them. Thus, RIPL is offering Add-On solutions to the service support. Safety of men and machineries is in RIPL’s core value. RIPL maintains ZERO tolerance on compromising safety at work. RIPL is a team of responsible citizens and a strong believer of ethics.

Irrespective of the size and turnover of the company, RIPL wants to pay back to the society in its own way and is doing its bit towards Corporate Social Responsibility. RIPL is an equal opportunity company and does not discriminate against gender, race or religion.

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