Full Maintenance Contract

We undertake long term maintenance contract of HEMM with supply of spares as per maintenance requirement. Deploying our highly trained and experienced team, we improve machine reliability and guarantee equipment availability. Customer pays for spares on Rate Per Hour of utilisation basis.

Service Contract

Using our process-based maintenance techniques, we take up entire maintenance activities on long term basis improving reliability and providing availability guarantee whereas Customer supplies spares as per requirement.

Annual Maintenance Contract

We perform maintenance of HEMM as per the requirement of Customer under AMC.


We take up thorough repair of old used equipment stripping it down completely and reassemble with new/reusable spares to relive for extracting its residual life.

Component Reconditioning

We take up repair and overhauling of major subassemblies like Engine, Transmission, Torque Converter etc. with utmost care and following Contamination Control norms.

Fabrication Work

We repair and rebuild structural components like Dump body, Bucket etc. by engaging our highly experienced fabrication team.

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Compliance of all government norms and statutes is part of our corporate culture and ethical way of doing business. This also makes us the preferred vendor of our customers.We take pride in it.





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